Hydraulic Pumps and Motors

At BBH Hydraulics we see our mission as that of keeping our customers' operations up and running and productive.

hydraulic pump Offering a wide range of services, our customers can depend on a responsive and speedy solution to any breakdown or replacement need.

We also support a wide range of industries from light manufacturing to heavy manufacturing, construction, haulage and many more.

Focus on Quality

As a business certified to ISO 9001 you know that you can expect a service from a business that takes quality seriously and is committed to continuously improve that service.

It is this focus on quality that means that we count amongst our customers many blue chip original equipment manufacturers from the Midlands and central England.

Central Location

In fact, our location in Wellingborough is right in the centre of England and well placed to cover areas with a 100 mile radius.

This central postition allows us to offer onsite services and planned maintenance, further enhancing the support we can provide.

This means that maintenance teams can have highly specialised support available to speed up repair and installation. This both significantly reduces the possibility of a secondary breakdown and increases the likely life of the replacement part.

Tested and Ready

In any event, and whether it be a repair or a new unit, you will have the assurance of knowing that all units are supplied already tested in-house.

All repaired units are supplied with a test certificate showing the date of the test and the pressure limits it has been tested to.

If you would like more information about how BBH Hydraulics can support your hydraulic cylinder repair or manufacturing requirements - why not get in touch now.