Hydraulic Technical Support

If we had to distill everything we do and supply in the world of hydraulic and pneumatics into one small nugget, that thing would be called 'Technical Support'.

From the initial enquiry to the final delivery we advise and support at every stage.

Pre-repair Support

The best example of this in hydraulic repair where we often have an enquiry about a seizure or a catastrophic failure. In this instance it is often not clear what the solution is - even to the enquirer looking at the failed assembly.

We may be able to repair the unit, or it may need replacing all together. Often a judgement call has to be made on the basis of cost versus speed and advice is required.

Whether the answer is repair or replacement we will also advise on manufactured assemblies or parts and whether less well known brands can be used and what the relative cost benefits of each will be. Such advice removes need for time-costly research and facilitates quick decisions - and speedy repairs.

However, the support and advice does not stop there. There may be other choices to be made about materials to use on the repair and further options that will improve the life of the replacement.

On-Site Support

On-site we may assist with a re-install or even undertake the work if required. Undertaking the work can often be very useful in giving our engineers a better understanding of what the ongoing operating environment will be. We can then provide informed and detailed advice on maintenance routines and intervals to further extend the life of the component.

Whenever we supply component we will always outline alternatives available to allow the buyer to make an informed choice as to which is the optimum solution for them. Optimum is the important word as often paying just a little bit more can greatly extend the expected life of the part or assembly.

Obsolete Components

One further area where we find the need for technical support is crucial is the area of obsolete components.

It is of course in the manufacturers' interests to periodically draw a line in the sand and say in effect 'it is time to buy a new one'. This may be all very well in a world of infinite budgets, but does not work for many who live in the real world.

BBH Hydraulic offers real world advice and technical support to help you find replacement solutions to keep your machine up and running whether it is obsolete or not. The end result is often greatly extended machine life and increased return on investment.

The technical support offered by BBH Hydraulics means you have a highly knowledgeable maintenance partner in all areas of hydraulic and pneumatic technology that you can rely on when time is at premium and you need the right solution fast.

If you have a technical support requirement with respect to hydraulic or pneumatic assemlies or replacement components, please get in touch.